The Southwestern Singers: Bill McCabe (lead singer), Dannie Largo, Richard Begay (drummer). Backup singers: Rita Begay and Helena Largo. (Annie MacCabe could not be present for this recording.)
All songs composed by Richard Begay and Bill McCabe.

Side One (19:04): Skip Dance Songs

1. A Pretty Ute Girl Came (3:07)
2. Hopi Girl Took Me by Surprise (2:52)
3. A Lexus Will Be My Car (3:13)
4. Looking For a San Domingo Girl (3:03)
5. My Dearest Partner (3:03)
6. Laguna Girl (3:23)

Side Two (18:40): Two-Step Dance Songs

1. Meet Me In New York (3:13)
2. Talk To Your Partner (3:20)
3. Hopi Girl Never Listens (2:31)
4. Shoshone Dress Is Pretty (2:56)
5. Because of You I Travel Alot (3:00)
6. Zuni Girl, Where Are You? (3:07)