The Sweethearts of Navajoland: Alberta Wilson, Lillian Ashley, Darlene Juan, Eileen Reed.
The Sweethearts of Navajoland, led by Lillian Ashley, are one of the top traditional singing groups from the Navajo Nation. Formed in 1989, this group has performed throughout the United States and in Europe including the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. The group’s name was chosen because the singers come from the area surrounding Chinle, Arizona which is sometimes referred to as the “Heart of Navajo.”

Side One (21:44): Skip Songs

1. Why Don’t You Look At Me (4:01)
2. You Made Me Travel Far (2:42)
3. Let Them Talk So (3:41)
4. Sorry, I Can’t Stay (3:16)
5. Grandpa’s Rodeo Days (3:50)
6. My Old Flame (3:52)

Side Two (19:25) Two-Step Songs

1. There’s That Handsome Man (3:32)
2. Casino-Ute Man (3:23)
3. Honey, I Like Your Plan (3:13)
4. Cousin, Let’s Go (2:05)
5. He Was Handsome (3:23)
6. Hopi Boy With a Donkey (3:26)

Total Time: 41:09