Navajo Two-Step and Skip Dance songs are traditional songs about love, courting and honor and are a central part of Navajo culture. A classic singing group, the Dennehotso Swinging Wranglers, present songs that portray the social life, with its pathos and humor, of the Navajo.


Two-Step Dance Songs: Click below to listen.
1. K-Town Girl in Wranglers
2. Going Back with a Comanche
3. Sugar Coated Sioiux Indian Girl
4. Teddy Bear
5. Arizona Wranglers’ Cheerleader
6. Going Home
7. She’s Wearing a Crown
8. Let’s Go to the First Night
9. Chinle Barrel Racer
10. Little Joe, the Wrangler
11. Hey Girl, Don’t Be Cruel
12. Bye Bye Love
Total Time: 43:15