The pow-wow scene of today is a world in which traditional and modern exist side by side; where hip-hop style and the beat of the grass dance meet. The younger generation of dancers and singers maintain their time-honored Native traditions in today’s world of rapidly changing, cutting-edge style. Direct from the pow-wow trail, these championship singers bridge two disparate worlds like no other pow-wow group can.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Intro/Lil’ Rudy Bob (4:50)
2. It’s Time (4:39)
3. Loud and Proud (3:05)
4. Eeez (4:08)
5. Hoka (0:52)
6. Okinawa Bluez (3:29)
7. Recyclable Retro (4:44)
8. Sensitive Warrior (3:33)
9. Wind Eagle Victory (3:57)
10. Dance ‘Til U Can’t Dance No More (4:01)
11. Merrill & 23rd (4:22)
12. Strait Across/Outro (4:20)
Total Time: 46:47
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