Led by Wayne Silas Jr., and uniting singers from many tribal groups, Tha Tribe continues to break new ground with their innovative singing and drumming style. Recorded live in their hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, this recording proves why Tha Tribe is one of the most dynamic drum groups on the pow-wow circuit today.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Intro/Enter-Tha-Tribal (4:43)
2. Jimme-Doap (4:31)
3. Crow Hip Hop (3:02)
4. Keokuk (3:59)
5. Hoop Snappa’ (3:39)
6. Message Machine/Phenomenal (6:16)
7. Tha Cho Life (4:17)
8. Boot Skootin’ Boogie Nights (3:27)
9. Stronghold/Outro (4:10)
Total Time: 38:33
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