Pow-Wow dancers!

Catch your breath and get ready for your second contest songs as Tha Tribe tests you with their Mad Hops and Crazy Stops. If you can meet their beat and jam to what Tha Tribe throws down you’ll be around for the contest crown. So take it away and don’t let your drumsticks drop until they’ve danced to your hottest Mad Hops and Crazy Stops!

At today’s contest pow-wows, many competition dance categories require two songs. The first song will have a standard rhythm (similar to an intertribal) while the second will have varied rhythms (including stops) in the beat to test dancers and allow them fully show off their skills. This second song can be an entertaining challenge between the drum group sand dancers as the dancers try to stay in step with the changing rhythms and tempos of the song and anticipate the sudden stops. The second song is where the very best dancers shine if they can match the drummers’ musical tricks.

There are few groups as good as the Tha Tribe at providing dancers and listeners with challenging (and entertaining) second songs. Comprised of singers from diverse tribal backgrounds, Tha Tribe leads today’s contemporary pow-wow scene from their home in Lawrence, Kansas. Recorded at the 49th Annual Chicago Indian Center Pow-Wow, this recording captures Tha Tribe at their best!

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Mad Hop (3:05)
2. Prairie Leggz (2:33)
3. Buffalo Jump (2:59)
4. Mack Baunsee (3:11)
5. Northern Routes (3:09)
6. Yesterday (3:02)
7. Women’s Song (2:38)
8. When She Dances (4:17)
9. Crazy Stops (1:55)
10. Otter Creek Jo (3:41)
11. Thunderbird Wing (2:34)
12. Heartbreakin’ Eyes (3:31)
Total Time: 45:24
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