Led by Wayne Silas Jr., and hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, Tha Tribe unites excellent singers and drummers from many tribal groups into their trademark contemporary pow-wow sound. Gaining new fans wherever they sing on their travel across Pow-Wow Country, The Tribe are at the head of the pack of a growing number of singing groups who are extending the boundaries of pow-wow singing and style into the new millennium.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. The Tribe 2000 (3:33)
2. Hey Day (4:37)
3. Tha Good Life (3:59)
4. Butcher’s Blend (3:29)
5. Tha John Wayne (3:17)
6. Obie-1 (5:08)
7. Potato Pie (4:37)
8. Skywalker (3:35)
9. Old Dog, New Tricks (3:33)
10. Moccasin Squad (4:35)
11. Snack Bar (3:53)
12. NDN Girl (3:40)
Total Time: 37:11
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