This collection brings together two classic recordings by The American Indians, one of the most innovative bands in the saga of waila, the lively social dance music of southern Arizona¹s Native peoples. Also known as “chicken scratch” waila features the intricately intertwined melodies of saxophone and accordion propelled by the rhythms of guitar, bass, and drums playing polkas, two-steps, and cumbias. While staying true to the traditions of waila, The American Indians played with a highly original flare making them legends of chicken scratch.

Tracks 1-12 were recorded and originally released in 1974 as Canyon Records LP “The American Indians Play Chicken Scratch”, C -6120. Performed by: Alex Gomez (sax), Justin Francisco (sax), John Manuel (accordion), Clarence Flores (drums), Celestine Flores (drums), Jerry Flores (guitar), Simon Cruz (bass guitar).

Tracks 13-24 were recorded and originally released in 1976 as Canyon Records LP “Waila ­ Social Dance Music: The American Indians Album 2”, C-6155. Performed by: John Manuel (accordion), Justin Francisco (alto saxophone), Simon A. Cruz (bass guitar), Jerry Flores (guitar), Clarence Flores (drums), Celestine Flores (drums).

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Cactus Song (3:42)
2. Coolidge Two-Step (3:39)
3. John Special (2:49)
4. Come Home Tonight (2:38)
5. Pisinimo Polka (2:08)
6. El Capitan (3:03)
7. Palo Verde Stands (2:31)
8. Blackwater Polka (2:53)
9. The Sunset (2:48)
10. San Xavier Polka (2:38)
11. Topawa Two-Step (2:40)
12. Desert Polka (3:21)
13. Eloy Two-Step (3:19)
14. E.M.C. Two-Step (2:44)
15. Taverna (3:02)
16. Oh My Darling Clementine (2:13)
17. Arrowhead Two-Step (4:03)
18. Fernando Polka (3:02)
19. J¹s Tune (1:43)
20. Old Timer Two-Step (3:17)
21. Cry Babe (4:15)
22. White Dove Polka (3:45)
23. Song From Way Back (3:17)
24. Coolidge Polka (2:19)
Total Time: 73:32