Chemawa Indian School, Oregon. Singers: Fred Hill (Yakima-Umatilla) – Lead Singer, Kevin Albert (Yakima), Raymond Paul (Yakima), Mike Gomez (Hopi-Warm Springs), Roy Heath (Wasco-Warm Springs), Lyle James (Nespelem), Reggie Johnson (Yakima), Karen Osborne (Shoshone-Bannock), Leroy B. Selam (Yakima) – Advisor.

Side One

1. Chemiwai Honor Song (to honor graduating seniors)

2. Naxsh-ko-Paxaat-ko-Chow-tun (1-5-0, an old all night song)

3. Chemiwai-pum (dedicated to a lost people destroyed by white man)

4. Celilo Falls (echo of water upon rocks, a fishing place)

5. Chemawa Indian School – beginning (war dance for education)

Side Two

1. Chemawa Indian School – complete

2. Wal-lumpte’ (valley of blue green water, Williamette Valley)

3. Sweet, Sweet Grass (from which our brothers the deer eat)

4. Ayi-yat Ti-chum (Beautiful Mother Earth)

5. Stampede, Thunder of Hoofs (in memory of Buffalo)