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Born out of the rich heritage of Navajo singer Rex Redhouse, The Redhouse Family plays contemporary acoustic jazz that blends both Native American and non-Native musical traditions. Utilizing sax, bass, piano, drums and percussion, and a highly unique "Native Jazz" vocal style, the spirit of the their tribal heritage infuses the performance of these original songs. Rex Redhouse adds vocals in a traditional style on two selections to complete the artistic circle.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Naomi’s Dance (6:00)
2. Change Of Heart (4:31)
3. Urban Indian (6:02)
4. Sparky’s Theme (7:35)
5. Convergence (4:01)
6. New Delhi (5:29)
7. I Will Remember (7:31)
8. O Where Are You Tonight? (5:15)
9. Round Dance For The Future (4:58)

Total Time: 56:31