This recording is Todi Neesh Zhee’s eighth release and celebrates their 35th anniversary as a Navajo traditional song and dance group. These songs are performed the first night of social dancing during Nid?????_?????_’ or the Enemy Way ceremony, an important healing ceremony of the Navajo. This recording is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Sullivan.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Cruzn (3:05)
2. What Good Dancing (3:33)
3. Hello (3:33)
4. The Price of Victory (Veterans’ Honor Song, 3:02)
5. Apache Spirit (3:30)
6. Our Children Are Dancing (3:22)
7. The Rondavu (3:32)
8. Back N Da Day (3:21)
9. Yeah (Memories) (3:34)
10. I Heard Natay (3:14)
11. Our Journey (3:14)
12. With All My Might I Went Into Battle

(Veterans’ Honor Song, 3:59)

Total Time: 40:05