This recording is Todi Neesh Zhee’s eighth release and celebrates their 35th anniversary as a Navajo traditional song and dance group. These songs are performed the first night of social dancing during Nidáá’ or the Enemy Way ceremony, an important healing ceremony of the Navajo. This recording is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Sullivan.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Cruzn (3:05)
2. What Good Dancing (3:33)
3. Hello (3:33)
4. The Price of Victory (Veterans’ Honor Song, 3:02)
5. Apache Spirit (3:30)
6. Our Children Are Dancing (3:22)
7. The Rondavu (3:32)
8. Back N Da Day (3:21)
9. Yeah (Memories) (3:34)
10. I Heard Natay (3:14)
11. Our Journey (3:14)
12. With All My Might I Went Into Battle

(Veterans’ Honor Song, 3:59)

Total Time: 40:05