Navajo Two-Step and Skip Dance songs are traditional social songs about love, courting and honor and are a central part of Din̩e (Navajo) culture. One of the top groups of the Din̩, the Todi Neesh Zhee Singers present their songs. Noted Native American flutist, Robert Tree Cody appears on four tracks.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. She Cried When I Said Goodbye (Two Step Dance)
2. Pretty Dancer (Two Step Dance)
3. The Beauty Of A Friend (Dancing Partner)

(Two Step Dance)

4. Would You Like To Dance My Darling?

(Two Step Dance)

5. It’s Like Eating A Chocolate Bar (Skip Dance)
6. Be At The Song And Dance (Skip Dance)
7. U Can’t Touch This (Skip Dance)
8. Let The Good Times Roll (Skip Dance)
9. For All Eternity (Two Step Dance)
10. Veterans’ Honor Song (Skip Dance)
11. She Is Standing There Dancing (Two Step Dance)
12. Our Ancestors’ Dance (Two Step Dance)
13. Whose Beautiful Dancing Partner Is She?

(Skip Dance)

14. A Beautiful Maiden Came (Two Step Dance)
15. Coyote Canyon Dancer (Skip Dance)
16. Won’t You Say ‘I Love U’ (Skip Dance)
Total Time: 42:16
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