Singers: Paul Dokey (head singer/drummer), Miller Dedman, Jr., Erin Dokey, Harrison Nez, Virginia Burke (secretary), Mary Dedman, Ann Dokey, Vee Shirley, Mae Dedman.
All songs made by Paul Dokey.

Side One: Two-Step Dance Songs

1. Everybody
2. Our Grandfather Came
3. Tear Yourself Up With Rage
4. I’m Standing Here
5. Santa Domingo Girl
6. You Don’t Think About Me and Places
7. Strolled and Waited For You
8. I Remember You By It

Side Two: Skip Dance Songs

1. Your Grandpa
2. It Was Worth Meetin’ You
3. Ten Day Work
4. Let’s Dance At Least One Round
5. Chute Number Seven
6. Just Looking Away From Me
7. Rooster’s Calling
8. Tsi Yi Tohi Special