For many Native peoples of the Great Plains, the cold months of winter are Round Dance times. From the Cree people of northern Saskatchewan and Alberta down to the Kiowa and Comanche people of Oklahoma, these social songs reflect themes of love, heartbreak and the amusing side of relationships.?? Featuring some of the greatest Round Dances groups and singers, including 7-time Grammy┬« nominee Northern Cree Singers, Young Spirit, Black Lodge, and Fawn Wood among others, this collection delivers the greatest foot-skootin’ hits from the world of the Round Dance.

  1. “Facebook Drama” By Northern Cree
  2. “Sad and Blue” By Young Spirit
  3. “Here We Go Again” By Cree Confederation
  4. “Crazy Luv Life” By Pipestone
  5. “Friends” By Black Lodge
  6. “Straight” By Blackstone
  7. “Makes Me Wonder” By Whitefish Jr.’s
  8. “Please Don’t Go” By Nitanis “Kit” Largo with Randall Paskemin
  9. “Look How the Stars Shine for You” By Randy Wood
  10. “Young and Free” By Northern Cree
  11. “No More” By Fawn Wood
  12. “Cuzzins” By Pipestone
  13. “Confessions” By Northern Cree
  14. “Southern Man” By Alex E. Smith, Cheevers Toppah and Nitanis “Kit” Landry


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