A Special Collection of Six Great Bands Playing Songs Never Before on LP Record or Tape.
San Tan, The Blood Brothers, The Molinas, Elvin Kelly y Los Reyes, The American Indians, El Conjunto Murietta.

Side One

1. Oh, Suzannah – The American Indians (with Alex Gomez)
2. *Cosita Linda Cumbia – Elvin Kelly y Los Reyes
3. Moonshine Polka – The Blood Brothers
4. El Conrabando del Paso – El Conjunto Murrietta
5. *Truquero Polka – Elvin Kelly y Los Reyes
6. *Mucho Te Quiero Chote – The Molinas

Side Two

1. Ay Mi Yaquicita – El Conjunto Murrietta
2. Dry Gulch Polka – San Tan
3. Sacaton Chote – The Molinas
4. Ending Song – The American Indians (with John Manuel)

*Previously released on 45 rpm record.