For millennia, the Hopi people have graced the great deserts of the southwestern United States and have preserved an enduring culture centered around their agricultural way of life. Although primarily sung to accompany social dances from January to mid-May, these songs also include prayers asking for good crops, rain, health, and other blessings. These vintage recordings feature singers Bernard Dawahoya, Riley Polequaptewa, Alaric Polequaptewa, Loren Sakeva, Alde Qumyintewa, Seymour Lomakema, Milland Lomakema, Sr., Milland Lomakema, Jr., and Patrick Lomawaima. These songs were originally released as: Hopi Social Dance Songs, Vol. 1 (CR-6107) and Hopi Social Dance Songs, Vol. 2 (CR-6108)


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Paiute Dance Song (6:33)
2. Jemez Buffalo Dance Song (8:23)
3. Zuni Buffalo Dance Song (7:54)
4. Hopi Buffalo Dance Song (9:05)
5. Water Maiden Dance (10:07)
6. Navajo Ribbon Dance (6:08)
7. Clown Dance (11:08)
8. Elk Dance (6:37)
Total Time: 65:55