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For decades many people have been drawn to the soothing sound of the Native??American flute to calm the mind and mend the spirit. As a trusted companion for periods of contemplation and reflection, the healing tones of the Native flute help create a sense of quiet space amid the hustle of daily life. With a hushed resonance, the gentle melodies of echoing flutes envelop the listener and transport them to a place of inner calm and balance. Featuring Grammy-nominated, world-renowned Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai and other leading performers on the instrument, Native American Flute Music for Mediation is the perfect soundscape for developing inner peace through mediation and the healing arts.

  1. Inward Journey ??? R. Carlos Nakai
  2. Awakening of the Beauty Within ??? Kelvin Mockingbird??
  3. Song of Darkness ??? R. Carlos Nakai
  4. Night Song ??? Peter Phippen
  5. Inner Voices ??? R. Carlos Nakai
  6. Chu-Chu ??? Anthony Wakeman
  7. Saguaro Sunsets ??? R. Carlos Nakai
  8. Whispering Journeys ??? Robert Tree Cody
  9. Call to Love – Kelvin Mockingbird
  10. Lullabye ??? Peter Phippen
  11. Song for the Morning Star?ʉ????R. Carlos Nakai??
  12. Maze?ʉ????Robert Tree Cody
  13. Amazing Grace?ʉ????R. Carlos Nakai

Total time – 71:04

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