The music of the Native groups of northwest Mexico is a curious blend of both indigenous and Spanish traditions. This special recording showcases the musical traditions of three Native groups of northwest Mexico: the Tarahumara, the Mayo, and the Warihio. Utilizing instrumentation such as flute, drums, rasps, violins and vocals, this rare and beautiful recording captures the eclectic sound of Native Mexico’s vibrant cultural heritage.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Mayo Pascola Dance: Paloma Macho

(“The Male Dove”) (7:23)

2. Tarahumara Yumari Dance (1:39)
3. Tarahumara Matachin Dance (3:04)
4. Mayo Pascola Dance: Cuervo (“The Crow”) (5:19)
5. Tarahumara Matachin Dance (3:03)
6. Warihio Harp Solo (3:45)
7. Tarahumara Matachin Dance (3:00)
8. Mayo Deer Dance: Chole (“The Partridge”) (13:28)
Total Time: 41:12
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