Since the mid-1800’s an intertribal religion, the Native American Church has developed a philosophy and ritual around the use of the peyote cactus. The peyote ceremony of the Native American Church includes prayers and quiet meditative songs accompanied by a special rattle and water-drum. This collection of vintage peyote recordings brings together many historic performances of sacred songs from this enduring tradition. Sung by David Apekaun, Morris Medicine with Betty Jo Pimpey and Pamela Medicine, Chief White Eagle, Chief Spotted Back Hamilton, Johnny Buffalo, Wilbur Jack, and Ralph Turtle with Alfred Armstrong.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Opening Prayer Song (1:53)
2. Morning Water Song (1:37)
3. Sunrise Song (1:38)
4. Peyote Song (2:35)
5. Peyote Occasional Song #1 (2:59)
6. Peyote Occasional Song #2 (2:53)
7. Peyote Spirit Song (2:26)
8. Omaha Morning Song (2:02)
9. Peyote Ceremonial Song #1 (3:14)
10. Peyote Ceremonial Song #2 (3:24)
11. Omaha Prayer Song (3:27)
12. Midnight Water Song (2:03)
13. Our Father’s Thoughts Are Shining Down (2:38)
14. Another Morning Song (1:47)
15. Seven Peyote Songs (7:58)*
Total Time: 43:38