Long out of print this comprehensive collection of traditional Caddo music features rare ceremonial and social songs that blend the musical styles of Southeastern and southern Plains tribes. A people rich in spirit, the Caddo have maintained their heritage through the preservation of these songs and dances. The compact disc contains both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 which were originally available on separate LP records. Cassette contains Vol. 1 only.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Five Turkey Dance Songs (5:14)
2. Eight Turkey Dance Songs (7:45)
3. Five Turkey Dance Songs (4:43)
4. Six Turkey Dance Songs (5:45)
5. Four Turkey Dance Songs (2:36)
6. Six Turkey Dance Songs (4:44)
7. Six Turkey Dance Songs (5:08)
8. Five Turkey Dance Songs (3:58)
9. Flag Song (1:50)
10. Nine Bear Dance Songs (6:59)
11. Four Fish Dance Songs (4:10)
12. Four Duck Dance Songs (6:00)
13. Five Bell Dance Songs (3:41)
Total Time: 71:53
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