These Songs represent the traditional music of the native people of the Warm Springs Reservation (comprised of fourteen tribal groups including Warm Springs, Wasco, and Northern Paiute) located in Oregon. Chosen with great care by the singers, this special collection contains honor, serenade and creation songs, providing the listener an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Warm Springs cultural heritage. Includes detailed song descriptions.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Flaming Arrow Song (an honoring song) (6:19)
2. Butterfly Dance Song (2:04)
3. Bunny Hop Song (2:25)
4. Peace Pipe Song (a smoke song) (3:23)
5. Teepee Creeping Song (serenade song) (2:35)
6. “Lonely Hearts” Song (1:06)
7. Bunny Hop Song (1:47)
8. Bunny Hop Skip Dance Song (1:52)
9. Serpent Dance (1:39)
10. Willow Dance Song (2:00)
11. Welcoming Song (2:31)
12. Fast Shuffle Dance (:56)
13. Cougar Dance (2:04)
14. Hobo Round Dance (1:04)
15. Laughing Song (1:55)
Total Time: 34:38
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