Since 1951, Canyon Records has specialized in the production of traditional and contemporary Native American music. Voices Across the Canyon brings together some of the finest songs from our archives of over 400 albums. Includes Native American flute music, chicken scratch, pow-wow music, traditional songs from the Navajo and Lakota and contemporary song in Navajo and English. This recording is a great introduction to Native music.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Shaman’s Call (2:49)
2. First Cry (3:15)
3. Healing Song (3:23)
4. Native Funk (4:12)
5. Lakota Lullaby (5:51)
6. Many Flags (4:50)
7. I May Want A Man (3:59)
8. When We Walk Together (5:38)
9. Lemonadas Verde Cumbia (3:35)
10. ‘Where Are The Dancers?’ (2:52)
11. Where Rivers Meet (4:34)
12. Amazing Grace (2:19)
Total Time: 41:55
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