Since 1951, Canyon Records Productions has specialized in the production and distribution of traditional and contemporary Native American music (and in more recent years, new music of the Southwest). This is the third volume of the Voices Across the Canyon series that brings together some of the finest music from Canyon Records Production’s archive of over 400 albums including Native American flute music, peyote, pow-wow, jazz, classical and contemporary songs on native themes. This recording is a great introduction to some of the finest Native American artists of today.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Anasazi Journeys (3:25)
2. Cathedral (4:50)
3. Secular Philosophy (3:54)
4. Native Drumming: Part One (8:30)
5. Manuel Popeye McCloud’s Flag Song
& Tuhvan dau ya (3:43)
6. Urban Indian (6:02)
7. Crazy Horse (5:36)
8. Red Thunder (6:11)
9. Mickey Mouse (3:46)
10. Mother’s Honor (4:35)
11. Far from the Water (5:01)
12. The Fire Within (7:17)
Total Time: 63:50
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