This recording is a compilation from Canyon Records’ releases of Native American music and includes flute, jazz, rock, pow-wow, peyote and traditional music. Albums and artists include Inside Monument Valley (Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai), Big Medicine (R. Carlos Nakai Quartet), It’s Time to Round Dance (Northern Cree), Maze (Robert Tree Cody), Mythic Dreamer (R. Carlos Nakai), Sacred Voices (December Wind), My Father’s Chapel (Guy & Guy), Lakota Pipe & Ceremonial Songs (Wahancanka) plus others. This recording is a great introduction to some of the finest Native American artists.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Eye of the Wind (3:36)
2. Tsunami (5:02)
3. The Commander (5:00)
4. Bird Song (3:44)
5. Eagle Cries His Song (5:33)
6. The World How Fair (3:19)
7. Peyote Prayer Song (2:58)
8. Magicians of the Red Wind (5:57)
9. Lakota Pipe Song (1:13)
10. DĚŠeja Vu (4:47)
11. Whispering Wind (3:45)
12. Harmonized Peyote Song (2:31)
13. Lakota Love Song (2:04)
Total Time: 50:21
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