Since 1951, Canyon Records has specialized in the recording of traditional and contemporary Native American music. The Voices Across the Canyon Series brings together some of the finest music from Canyon Records’ archive of over 400 albums. Volume 5 includes Native American flute music, pow-wow, rock, traditional and contemporary songs on native themes by R. Carlos Nakai, Sharon Burch, Robert Tree Cody, Medicine Dream, Black Lodge Singers, Judy Trejo, Delphine Tsinajinnie and other.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Song For The Morning Star (4:22)
2. Encuentro (4:14)
3. Cheii Littleben’s Line Dance Song (2:21)
4. We Are Here (2:51)
5. Hush My Darling (4:02)
6. Aspen Wind (3:46)
7. P’Jilasi (3:43)
8. Traditional Song (2:39)
9. Crossroads (5:18)
10. Paiute Stick Game Song (2:29)
11. Word Up (3:48)
12. Come On My Darlin’ (3:29)
Total Time: 42:19
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