Since 1951, Canyon Records has specialized in the production and distribution of traditional and contemporary Native American music. This is the sixth volume of the Voices cross the Canyon series the brings together some of the finest music from Canyon Records’ archive of over 400 albums. It includes Native American flute music, pow-wow rock, traditional and a fusion of Native and contemporary musical styles by the foremost Native American artist today.

INDIE Award Winner.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Coyote Moon (3:38)
(from Sanctuary, CR-7060 By R. Carlos Nakai)
2. Eclipse (2:44)
(from A Simple Man, CR-7063 By Burning Sky)
3. Look How the Stars Shine for You (4:31)
(from Round Dance the Night Away, CR-6344 By Randy Wood)
4. Singing Earth (6:31)
(from Singing Earth, CR-7044 By Xavier Quijas Yxayotl)
5. The Return Home (3:18)
(from Seed of Life, CR-6345 By Radmilla Cody)
6. Comes the Dawn (5:44)
(from Fourth World, CR-7046 By R. Carlos Nakai)
7. Time Immermorial (3:34)
(from Tomegan Gospem, CR-7048 By Medicine Dream)
8. Natay’s Song (2:32)
(from Song of Colors, CR-6356 By Jay Begaye)
9. Maze (3:05)
(from Reflections, CR-7058 By Robert Tree Cody & Hovia Edwards)
10. Good Times (4:25)
(from Still Rezin’, CR-6358 By Northern Cree)
11. Plains Wind (4:39)
(from Enter>>Tribal, CR-7043 By R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Tree Cody & Cliff Sarde)
Total Time: 44:49
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