Through centuries of persecution, the Yaquis of northwestern Mexico and southern Arizona have strived to preserve their homelands and culture. Much of Yaqui culture centers around the colorful songs and dances of their religious fiestas. Performed on both indigenous and Spanish instruments along with voice, this recording of the many unique Yaqui musical traditions provides a glimpse into the rich pageantry of the Yaqui way of life.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
Pascola Dance
1. Cuera Mohelam (Old Music Strings) (2:43)
2. Cama Guiloham (Squash Vine) (2:35)
3. Mam̱a Cialim (Green Spinach) (2:50)
Matachini Dance
4. San Francisco (3:53)
5. Santa Teresa (3:21)
6. La Guadalupana (2:23)
Deer Dance
7. Tosay Hwilit (White Bird) and Taciovakok

(a medicinal herb) (3:12)

8. Yoko Muhu (Speckled Owl)

and Bali Jekan (Fresh Air) (2:16)

9. Tukahaniw (Night Earth) and

Chep?? Muchicawi (Josephine’s Turtle Mountain) (3:18)

Folk Songs
10. Juanita Baquero (Juanita The Cowboy) (4:42)
11. Katchan Ne Juni Su Tekut Jiobe

(I’m Not A Squirrel) (3:41)

12. Masiaca Pueblo (Dawn Pueblo) (3:12)
Total Time: 40:06