Raised around the drum since he was a boy, Wayne Silas, Jr. has sung with some of the greatest Pow-Wow groups of the last twenty years and has grown into a respected songmaker. Infinite Passion represents Wayne’s skills as a composer and as a singer as he merges the singing traditions of the past with the trends of today. On this recording he joined by many of his friends from the Pow-Wow and Round Dance trail; Randall Paskemin, Leroy Whitstone, Marlon Deschamps, Dan Isaac, Conan Yellowbird, Jacob Faithful, Candace Gadwa and Veronica Keeswood.

1. Dream Come True (4:53)


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
2. Lost Without You (4:02)
3. Tha Mash Up (3:00)
4. She Texts Me, She Texts Me Not (4:40)
5. Round Dance Girl (4:55)
6. I Can’t Believe (4:10)
7. Enaemaekisaeh (3:34)
8. Pray (4:09)
9. Traditional Women’s Song (3:06)
10. Traditional Women’s Song (2:44)
11. Angel Feet (4:21)
12. Could’ve Been (4:34)
13. Yummy Whispers (3:41)
14. One Cold Night (4:43)
15. Super Kids Lullaby (4:56)
Total Time: 62:04
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