With lyrics that tell tales of infatuation, yearning and pure love, acclaimed singer Wayne Silas, Jr. expresses the romantic life of a modern Native American man through the rhythms of the Round Dance. By honoring the traditions of his ancestors within the world of today, Wayne Silas, Jr. makes a powerful statement encouraging all to stay true to their Native roots. Featuring performances by Jason Kingbird , Justin
Perrault, Hardin Dovel, and Floyd Wayne Silas III. Additionally, Nitanis ???_???Kit???_?۝ Largo, Penny McGilvery and Kitahna Silas are featured vocalists and Jarod Pigeon, Pernell Mahle and Colby Track provide additional drumming.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Stacked (5:22)
2. Can-Am Affair (3:58)
3. U Got it Right (4:47)
4. Pretty Lady (4:03)
5. Fanatic (3:52)
6. My Right Hook (4:00)
7. Phoenix Crush (3:18)
8. Nina Mosaeh (4:24)
9. Love Medicine (5:02)
10. Bow-Chick-A-Wow-Wow (4:03)
11. My Sweet Baby (4:06)
12. Ask Dad (3:41)
13. Tha Justice League (3:54)
Total Time: 55:13