With lyrics that tell tales of infatuation, yearning and pure love, acclaimed singer Wayne Silas, Jr. expresses the romantic life of a modern Native American man through the rhythms of the Round Dance. By honoring the traditions of his ancestors within the world of today, Wayne Silas, Jr. makes a powerful statement encouraging all to stay true to their Native roots. Featuring performances by Jason Kingbird , Justin Perrault, Hardin Dovel, and Floyd Wayne Silas III. Additionally, Nitanis “Kit” Largo, Penny McGilvery and Kitahna Silas are featured vocalists and Jarod Pigeon, Pernell Mahle and Colby Track provide additional drumming.

1. Stacked (5:22)


Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Can-Am Affair (3:58)
3. U Got it Right (4:47)
4. Pretty Lady (4:03)
5. Fanatic (3:52)
6. My Right Hook (4:00)
7. Phoenix Crush (3:18)
8. Nina Mosaeh (4:24)
9. Love Medicine (5:02)
10. Bow-Chick-A-Wow-Wow (4:03)
11. My Sweet Baby (4:06)
12. Ask Dad (3:41)
13. Tha Justice League (3:54)
Total Time: 55:13
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