Featuring performances by Joe Syrette, Edmond Tate Nevaquaya, Jeremy “Worm” Dearly, Nitanis “Kit” Landry and Arianne Sheka. Acclaimed singer and songmaker Wayne Silas, Jr. (Menominee/Oneida) draws upon his years of experience singing with some of the greatest Pow-Wow drum groups to craft his debut solo Round Dance recording. Blending his signature style with in-your-face humor and superb singing, Silas’ songs reflect tales of love both sweet and sour.

1. Made in Heaven (4:27)


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
2. It’s On Tonight (4:50)
3. Let’s Do the Math (4:56)
4. Bread Crumbs (3:10)
5. Butterflies (4:35)
6. One of a Kind (2:42)
7. Candy (4:04)
8. Around Tha World (4:46)
9. For Tha First Time (3:56)
10. Sour & Sweet (2:57)
11. Dreaming (4:25)
12. Sweet Luv Tunes (4:45)
13. Superman (3:42)
Total Time: 54:08
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