White Eagle Singers: Arlie Neskahi (head singer), Jay Begay, Art Cleveland, Stuart Lynch, Freddie Yazzie, Alvin Young.

Side One

1. Mother Earth Song: “Mother Earth, upon you body, I shall walk in beauty. Wherever I go happiness will be with me.” (made by Arlie Neskahi, Rudy Shebala, Larry Watchman, 1980)
2. Intertribal Song (A. Neskahi, 1985)
3. Veteran’s Song “The warriors are returning. Look over there, they are coming. Make room for them.” (A. Neskahi, R. Shebala, L. Watchman, 1980)
4. Contest Song (A. Neskahi, 1983)
5. Intertribal Song (A. Neskahi, 1984)

Side Two

1. Honor Song: “Mother Earth, your children dance upon you and they are happy as they dance.” (Jay Begay, 1983)
2. Crow Hop (A. Neskahi, 1985)
3. Intertribal Song – “The Return of the Wounded Warrior” (A. Neskahi, 1984)
4. Crow Hop (A. Neskahi, 1985)
5. Intertribal Song (A. Neskahi, 1985)