White Eagle Singers: Arlie Neskahi (head singer), Jay Begay, Art Cleveland, Stuart Lynch, Freddie Yazzie, Alvin Young.

Side One

1. Traditional Song: “Walk In Beauty” – “Every day I will walk in beauty.” (made by the White Eagle Singers, 1984)
2. Intertribal Song (Arlie Neskahi, 1985)
3. Honor Song (A. Neskahi, 1984)
4. Intertribal Song (A. Neskahi, 1984)
5. Crow Hop – “My Great Spirit, your children are dancing. They are happy, appreciate their dancing. Spiritually things will be good.” (Art Cleveland, 1985)

Side Two

1. Traditional Song (A. Neskahi, 1985)
2. Traditional Song (A. Neskahi, Jay Begay, A. Cleveland, 1984)
3. Intertribal Song (A. Neskahi, 1983)
4. Intertribal Song (A. Neskahi, 1985)
5. Circle Dance (A. Neskahi, 1985)