The Menominee people refer to themselves as the Macmaceqtaw (ma-ma-CHAY-tua) meaning “The People Who Live with the Seasons.” They and their ancestors have resided amongst the lush woodlands, lakes and streams of Wisconsin for thousands of years. Bringing together some of the finest singers from the proud Menominee Nation, this collection of traditional and contemporary Menominee songs exhibit the resilient journey of this proud people.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Brave Man Song (2:38)
2. Contemporary Intertribal Song (3:12)
3. Straight Song (2:56)
4. Local Heroes (5:21)
5. Four Two-Step Songs (6:51)
6. Contemporary Intertribal Song (4:35)
7. Straight Song (4:00)
8. Beautiful Dancers (Crow Hop) (3:27)
9. Contemporary Intertribal Song (4:33)
10. Far Away (Round Dance Song) (4:28)
11. You Still Got It (Round Dance Song) (4:39)
12. Straight Song (4:11)
13. All or Nothing (Round Dance Song) (2:49)
14. One Man’s Prayer (5:16)
Total Time: 47:30
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