Guitarist and luthier William Eaton joins the unique sounds of his lyre, spiral clef and lyraharp guitar with flute, violin, ethnic percussion and the vocalizations of Navajo singer Mary Redhouse to create a musical journey that evokes the sweep and color of the great Southwest. Features a bonus track with the Drepung Loesling Monks of Tibet and Robert Tree Cody.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Naked in Eureka (3:57)
2. Pollen Dance (4:33)
3. A Stone’s Throw (5:08)
4. Far East Mid West (3:35)
5. Discovering Fire (5:13)
6. Cavern of the Wind Spirit (4:20)
7. Longing for Kali (5:04)
8. Toltecs on the Balcony (3:41)
9. San Juan Wedding (5:25)
10. Diamond in the Sky (1:27)
11. Tansen’s Waltz (5:53)
12. The Fire Within (7:47)
Total Time: 56:47
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