Hailing from Pawnee, Oklahoma, Young Bird brings its world class southern-style singing to all parts of pow-wow country. Always in demand, Young Bird travels extensively throughout North America, dazzling dancers and audiences alike with powerful singing and drumming and exciting songs. Young Bird is truly at the forefront of today’s pow-wow scene.

Grammy® Award Nominee.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. We Be Jammin’ (4:00)
2. Change of Life (4:33)
3. My One and Only (3:48)
4. Felicia Tanarsah Gallegos’s Song (3:37)
5. Round Five (3:18)
6. Sweetgrass Blues (3:34)
7. Stylin’ Hard (2:31)
8. Young Bird (4:36)
9. Blast From The Past (4:30)
10. Narcissa Sylestine’s Song (4:07)
Total Time: 39:14
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