From Pawnee, Oklahoma, Young Bird have firmly established a singing and drumming style deeply rooted in their Native pride and culture. These Grammy-nominated singers continue to bring the sounds of Native Oklahoma to the furthest reaches of pow-wow country. On this recording they gather around the drum and sing from the heart in a tribute to the loving memories of those that have passed on.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Lemme Wish Baby (5:26)
2. For Mom & Dad (4:39)
3. Native Cutie-Pie (3:47)
4. Just For You (4:34)
5. Baby Madison (3:15)

6. Memories (3:22)
7. Canada, Here We Come! (3:08)
8. We Don¹t Wear Pink (3:47)
9. Supa Hype (2:36)
10. My Little Butterfly (3:20)
11. O-Sliggidy (3:05)
Total Time: 41:45