For the first time on the same recording, a Northern plains and Southern plains style pow-wow group are featured together. The Boyz, a championship Northern-style drum group from St. Paul, Minnesota, have established themselves as one of pow-wow’s hottest groups through their powerful singing and distinctive songmaking skills. Hailing from Pawnee, Oklahoma, Young Bird has blazed their way along the pow-wow trail, thrilling dancers and audiences with their world-class Southern-style singing. Both groups are in top demand on the modern pow-wow circuit and travel extensively throughout North America. Recorded live at the annual Shakopee Mdewankanton Sioux Community Pow-Wow, The Boyz and Young Bird present their newest songs in this live recording that reveals all the dynamic beauty and energy of today’s pow-wow.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Killing Time (Young Bird, 3:36)
2. S.O.S. “Summer of Sav” – (The Boyz, 5:19)
3. Down 4 Life (Young Bird, 3:28)
4. The Blur (The Boyz, 2:02)
5. Back 4 More (Young Bird, 4:15)
6. The Mystery (The Boyz, 9:21)
7. Bling Bling (Young Bird, 3:52)
8. T.B.Z. Remix (The Boyz, 4:49)
9. Deja Blue (Young Bird, 2:37)
10. God’s Gift (The Boyz, 3:22)
11. Road Warrior (Young Bird, 2:41)
12. That’s The Way (The Boyz, 5:09)
13. Song For Geneveve “G.G.” █ŁGrowing Thunder (Young Bird, 5:22)
Total Time: 56:50
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