Young Bird has quickly made their mark as one of the top groups on the pow-wow circuit today. Their trademark southern style songs have won them numerous singing competitions and respect throughout pow-wow country. Young Bird’s championship talent is presented in the first live recording of their strong singing and thunderous drumming.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Cheyenne Flag and Victory Song (5:13)
2. Word Up (3:48)
3. Flipmode (D.B.Z.) (3:28)
4. Going to Miami (4:26)
5. Southern Playaz (3:43)
6. Ridge Road (3:51)
7. Sylver Smooth (3:30)
8. Little Chief (3:37)
9. What U Got (2:37)
10. Skushy Strut (3:01)
11. The Princess (April Ellen Moore’s Song) (3:42)
Total Time: 31:40
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