Recorded live at the 1998 Lincoln Pow-Wow in Simnasho, Oregon this is the debut recording of the Young Grey Horse singers of Browning, Montana. An explosive young group of voices, Young Grey Horse is quickly gaining recognition for their strong singing and unique style. Listen to the dynamic performance that won them the title of 1998 Simnasho Drum Contest Champions.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Intro/Victory Song (3:56)
2. Young Grey Horse Theme Song (4:57)
3. Three Stooges (3:43)
4. Round Hall Days (4:06)
5. Jingle All the Way (3:19)
6. Mrs. (4:20)
7. Star School (3:55 )
8. Sharp and Bear Medicine Championship Honor Song (9:09)
9. Tooky (3:04)
Total Time: 41:08
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