Young Spirit has become a proud voice for all Native American and First Nations peoples. The message of their songs runs deep, encouraging Native peoples to draw upon their culture as a means of strength. Their thrilling singing has endeared Young Spirit to Pow-Wow people everywhere and reflects the beauty of their Plains Cree culture.

1. Sahkaweyohk Ota

(Give a War Cry Here) (3:56)

2. E-peyinikamostamatah

(We’ve Come to Sing for You) (3:55)

3. Kanawapamih (Look at Him) (2:57)
4. Composed for Manuel (3:20)
5. Stabew’s Style (Crow Hop, 3:11)
6. Akameyimoh Baby Boy

(Keep Trying Baby Boy) (4:35)

7. Ka-ne-ma (One Day) (3:52)
8. Osawmekwan Kihewiskwew

(Golden Eagle Feather Woman)

Candace’s Song (2:52)

9. Cihkastesimoh (Shadow Dancing) (2:53)
10. KakIyaw Iyisinowak (All The People) (3:14)
11. Mistahi Mewasin

(Really Delighted) (Side-Step, 4:08)

12. E-penemitoyek Ota

(You Have Come Here to Dance) (4:31)

13. Sohkeynemitohk (Dance Hard) (3:14)
14. Mewasin oma (This is Good) (3:41)
15. Counting Crow Hop (3:05)
16. Crain’s Music (2:06)
Total Time: 56:35
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