Originally formed as a group of friends who wished to represent their Western Canadian Plains Cree culture, Young Spirit is a proud voice for all Native American and First Nations peoples. The meaning of their songs runs deep, encouraging Native peoples to draw upon their culture for strength. Thrilling singing and words express Young Spirit’s powerful sense of Native identity and have endeared them to Pow-Wow country.

1. Words of Encouragement

for all the Young Spirits (4:15)

2. Maskosiw Simowin

(Grass Dance, 3:09)

3. Kapemicitiyek

(Kayden Shoulderblade’s Song, 4:41)

4. Kanawapam E-nahiska

(Look at Him/Her, He/She is Looking Beautiful, 1:48)

5. Omekwana (Eagle Feather, 3:45)
6. Samson’s Groove (4:18)
7. Takakikeh (Doing it Right, 2:09)
8. Crow-Hop (3:16)
9. AZ’s Finest (2:30)
10. Pewitcimkamominan

(Come and Sing Along with Us, 3:43)

11. Taking it Back to ’99 (4:16)
12. Joel Wood’s Jammer (3:35)
13. Pecastamotek (Come Walking, 5:05)
14. Kamiyo-Machonanaw

(Having Good Health/Feelings, 3:37)

15. Sneak-Up (2:46)
16. Richard Deer’s Song (3:58)
Total Time: 58:00
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